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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Three Days and Counting...

So it's been almost three years since we announced to the world our brilliantly over-simplistic four step process of how to make a movie by not making The Movie in your Head. A few short months after that, these vague thoughts solidified in our all important lessons learned and most importantly, our 7 steps to make a movie.

And there was no turning back. Now, a full 30 months later, we're on to step 5:

5. Shoot the Movie.

This is the point where we've gone from talking about making a movie, to planning on making a movie, to actually making the movie.

In just three days, cameras roll. For the first time, we get to see the final images of the movie in our head re-etched into our brains with the finality of the actual images that will make the film, the actual perforamces that pull all our words thoughts and ideas to life.

We film throughout June, and then it's on to step 6...


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