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Sunday, February 22, 2009


The Paradox of Blogging

When we started this blog three years ago, we did so not so much out of the pretension that anyone would actually read it who wasn't already involved with what we did, but based on the idea that we wanted to remember what it took to get there, and that forcing ourselves to write down some sort of detail about every step in the process, we'd have a more or less objective way to gauge what we did and what it took to get there.

But the problem with Blogging as documentation is this: When you're not making progress you have nothing to blog about, and when you are making progress, you have no time to do it.

Fortunately, that's why the good lord invented bullet points.

So without further ado, I interrupt my incessant rambling about how I have no time for incessant rambling to present a nice concise bulleted list of what we've been up to lately:

  • New Promotional Videos - The Dead People Making People Dead movie trailer and the Everything Fred Tells Me is True pre-production montage are now available on our flicks page.
  • Casting - Casting for is underway and will continue over the next few weeks, so drop us an email at everythingfredcasting@gmail.com if you're interested in starring in our film
  • IFP Sponsorship - We're now officially sponsored by IFP, accepting donations, and looking for creative ways of soliciting these donations, in an attempt to push our budget up slightly from our original "Up to and including zero dollars" number.
  • Fund Raising Parties - We held our first fund raising party in Brooklyn on Friday, which was a resounding success, and a great kickoff of the sprint through the production phase of Everything Fred Tells Me is True, featuring the world premiere of our new trailers, and the musical stylings of A Halo Called Fred. Thanks to Nancy Mastrotataro and Johnny McAuliffe for the use of their home, and all the hard work. We're planning more and bigger events in the future, so drop us a line atwordspicturesmovies@gmail.com if you want to help out!
So keep your eyes peeled here. We'll keep you (and our future selves) posted as often as possible, whenever there's a compelling enough reason to fight against the forces of the paradox of blogging.

Groovy. I have videos of 2 live songs ready to upload, with surprisingly acceptable sound.

They're up now on youtube:

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