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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Random Ramblings and the State of the WPM State

So the kiss of death for any blog is to start out with "Sorry, I haven't posted in a while."

I was looking through my iGoogle page with all my RSS feeds, and noticed that about half the blogs on there start with phrases very similar to that, which happens to be the last post I've seen for three years.

So I'll refrain from pointing out the obvious, except to say we've been keeping busy, but mostly doing stuff that's not very interesting to show or write about.

Until now.

Two Sundays ago, Words Pictures Movies completed filming, "Dead People Making People Dead", our last film of the Bush administration.

We don't have any photos of our own yet, or an expected release date, but Neil, the person we most like to kill over and over again, has passed the threshold from dead to undead, and posted an awesome picture in his own blog:


Also, on the same Sunday, photography began on "Everything Fred Tells Me is True", our much anticipated first feature film. At least its anticipated by us.

More information to follow.

One day.


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