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Monday, October 15, 2007



Well not much really, sorry if you felt you were mislead by the title. I had to get your attention somehow.

The current draft of the script is inching ever closer to completion. Adam says he's going to be done by his 35th birthday, which is coming up rather quickly. Sorry Adam, I just revealed your age. Fine, I confess I'm 32. Bruce is 117.

Go ahead, ask Bruce about life before airplanes -- he's always happy to share tales of running around, flapping arms wildly, etc.

In other news, Bruce took a one day lighting class. At our meeting last week, he presented a quick rundown of the information they shoved into his precious brain. Lots of good stuff that will make our feature look spectacular. Or at least bearable.

I just finished an acting class that taught me a lot. I think I'm going to be much less of an overbearing director from now on. At long last I think I can speak your language, you wonderful actors!

That is all for now, so keep holding your breath Faithful Reader for soon you will be allowed to exhale and enjoy the beauty of our first feature film.

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