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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Ruin your entertainment life with time travel

So if you could time-travel and got stuck in the past (not too bad, say 50 years ago or so), would you be tempted to use future songs, stories and movies and claim them as your own?

And if it didn't sell for some reason, would you fight Paul McCartney in court later when he says HE wrote "Hey Jude" with no prior knowledge of your (presumably shitty) 1950s version? Or make "Star Wars" with bad effects, so George Lucas is never inspired to make his own version (at least not one exactly like the one you knew)?

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How about using Lucas' Ideas for myth-based storytelling and fast paced special effects, and making your own film that way, so when Star Wars finally came out, it was totally panned as derivative. Sort of the reverse scenario
A little OT here,but this is funny. Relates to zombies.
and who am I not to love a good tangent?

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