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Thursday, April 26, 2007


the 4 main food groups are sugar, salt, grease, and leftovers

When we do movie shoots, I must eat healthy foods, or both my brain and body fall asleep, and I get cranky. Well, more cranky. Shut up.

Bad things I would eat ALL THE TIME if they weren't bad for me:

hot dogs with chili and cheese
Ore Ida tater tots (fried in a pan, not baked!)
Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburgers (steakhouse burgers) with ham
hell, just bacon anytime
Pepperoni slices (on pizza or plain, whatever)
KFC skinless (sigh, they don't even make them anymore) breasts, extra crispy
Quarter Pounder with cheese, large fries
diner cheese omlettes with those enormous breakfast sausage
English-style bangers and mash
whole wedges of parmesan cheese
nachos with everything
malt milkshakes
Ring Dings
Choco-diles (or chocolate Twinkies, do they still have Chocodiles?)
good cigars
clove cigarettes

Not to say I don't eat this stuff on occasion, but man I could live on this stuff, in theory. Until I got sick/depressed/heart-attacked/dead.

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Skinless KFC? Blasphemer!
For me it's not the skin organ itself, but the coating on top.
What I think is that KFC should sell skins sans chicken.

mmmm deep fried chicken skin
You forgot coffee, the fifth food group.
Also sushi and grilled cheese sandwiches. Sixth and seventh food groups respectively.
Apparently, Chocodiles are only available on the west coast, or by special order:

Sushi I say is GOOD for me, and not appropriate for this list. And in fact, I do eat it all the time.

But mmm grilled cheese sandwich pan-fried in butter.
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