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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Script Research Question...

What would YOU do with your life if you had 30 days to live?

- organize my stuff (bills, belongings, whatnot) so it can be dealt with, make out a quick will for finance/property

- make sure any art/accomplishments are in the care of people I trust, so things can be appreciated after

- is my demise secret? plan a big party for "no reason".

- do some "extreme" activities that require actual fear of death (i.e. skydiving, bungee jumps)

- at least one instance of losing it and destroying a room in nihilistic despair

- plan trips to places I always wanted to see, then realize a) no one can go with me because of work b) there's no time to plan it out c) or do more than 1 or 2 things d) and finally give up upon realizing I'll be dead soon anyway so what good are last minute memories for me alone?

1) Quit my job
2) Get the girl
3) Make a short film
Say goodbyt to family and friends. Finish my album, or get as close to it as I could.

(Sorry if you get this twice. Blogger is acting up for me.)
blow a bunch of money to move to Paris with Siva (got to have good company on one's last 30), eat lots of cheese, take a few days to see Portugal & The Netherlands, drive back to Paris... get buried next to Jim Morrison
And I thought I was the only one w/ "Eat Cheese" on my list.
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I would like to cut the cheese and share it with all of my friends!

Great success!
Sludgehammer, are you saying that you'd like to cut the cheese for 30 days straight? That's one loooooooooooong bit of gas passing, my friend.
i am very generous man with my friends. so i am told.
J9 said...

1. order pizza
2. dry clean my 'cunt' suit
3. fart on a stranger
4. climb a tree
5. max out my RAM
6. be a guest star on 24
7. learn Italian
8. purchase life insurance
I don't know if I even want to ask about #2
My guess is it's necessary for number 3.
Good post.
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