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Sunday, December 10, 2006


I Am You And You Are Me But Who Is He?

I probably should just make this as a quick answer to Adam's post but think it might be more noticed here.

What I think makes a great movie is that you relate to the character(s). You see yourself as them, doing what they do, being who they are. We have all been Scarlett O'Hara, told by someone we love that they don't give a damn. Like Luke, we have hated our fathers and tried to best them. We have run away from our parents only to realize we are so much like them like Michael Corleone. We want to be children again like Charles Kane. We want to win when everyone tells us to give up like Maggie Fitzgerald. The list can be endless.

The list is also different for each person, depending on who they feel they can most relate to.

In the end its something that the person watching loses themselves in the film. Usually it is because at some level of their consciousness, they walk in the characters shoes, know that no matter what the consequence, they would do the same thing the character does given their circumstances. The story tells us there might be many possibilities but THIS is the one that happened, is happening and will always happen no matter how many ways the fates throw their dice.

While I have not thought this through, I think this might apply to all art forms: song, painting, the written word, etc. What's your opinion?

This definitely applies to all narrative art forms -- But what about the abstract?

Take purely instrumental music for example.

What universal truth do we tap into when we tap into when we listen to Beethoven's 5th symphony (3rd movement of course)? Or Miles Davis' Kind of Blue?

I suppose both of these works still tap into universal emotions.
hey crazy people... not to diverge from the subject... but yer blog attracts the largest concentration of writerly people that I know (and like :) ). Where is she going with this you ask? Here goes: in my perpetual job hunt, I stumbled upon a writing fellowship being offered by Nickelodeon. The next submission period runs from January 2 - February 28, 2007. Applications and submission stuff can be found at www.nickwriting.com Could be interesting for anyone with a spare comedy script lying around... Enjoy :)
Looks like a pretty cool gig -- If only I had something appropriate for Nickoloeon to submit. As it is, I don't think I've ever written anything I'd even let my own kids see.

Ironically though, as I was reading this, I was submitting a script to www.troma.com/jobs
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