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Monday, November 20, 2006



1. Figure out what movie to make
Ok, so we're writing a script.

At least we're figuring out what script to write. We know our rules. We know are limitations. Hopefully, we accurately understand our strengths.

Like a good roll of toilet paper, in any script fit to wipe your ass with, the squeezing grabs you, and the softness keeps you. The squeezing is the premise -- The Idea that grabs you, sucks you in, makes you want to see the movie. The softness is the controlling idea -- What the movie is about. Why the movie exists.

We have a premise. We have a controlling idea. We're outlining characters, plot, etc.

Nothing is final at this point -- but we can reveal the following:

  • This film will be made from the most successful techniques from the shorts of Words Pictures Movies past.
  • The movie will be in our head by the end of the year, and the first draft will be in progress by January 1st.
  • We'll have a draft in May, and will be looking for readers.
  • Characters. No sci-fi gimmicks, no ridiculous effects, no exploding vans, no regenerating limbs. It's all about the Characters.
  • And the zombies. There have to be zombies. But it's really about the characters.


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