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Saturday, October 07, 2006


From Order, Chaos...and from Chaos, Order

So you tell yourself your going to plan and plan and plan to be prepared for every possible outcome. Yet you get to the starting line and suddenly decide that sneakers won't cut it, you're going to run that race wearing hiking boots! So why are you then surprised that your feet hurt?

That bit of strangeness is refering to today's shoot of Have Gun Will Murder. First the positive: Tony & Dana were AMAZING. We keep stumbling upon these amazing actors. Who knew so many great actors are out there?

Now the negative: for some reason I thought our audio plan would work flawlessly and when we tried it in the field, it failed. We didn't plan enough and we didn't simplify enough. We need to find a way to have one-button audio. Boom mic direct to minidisc (or DAT) without a mixer in between. Level control only. Our lighting was a bit dull but I think it worked for the film. I'll do some playing with After Effects to get as consistant a look as possible. I'm tired so I might be complaining more than I should since I still think this one will turn out as entertaining as our other movies. Despite all the obstacles, we still have a great one here.

But the important part is I think we have some great footage. After I take a nap, I'm going to load it in and start doing a very very rough edit. Keep coming back to Words Pictures Movie for updates as I edit & Bruce and Adam mix the audio. Hopefully before two weeks are up, it'll be up here, on Google Video and YouTube.

There are decks -- minidisc DAT, flash memory, whatever -- available with XLR input that would do this nicely. Are there places that rent movie sound equipment?
>We need to find a way to have
>one-button audio. Boom mic
>direct to minidisc (or DAT)
>without a mixer in between.
>Level control only.

Was thinking about this last night. The problem wasn't the mixer, the mixer behaved just fine.

The problems were (1) The minidisc players, and (2) the mics. Need a better MD (or DAT) and a better mic, at least for outdoors. Or, seriously, a fuzzy windscreen.
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