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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Can a gun commit a sin? Is it a sin if its heart is pure?

Summer is almost over which means it is time to get back to work.

But is it really work that we will be shooting two short films on the 7th of October?

So what did you do all summer? Words Pictures Movies has begun focusing more on the feature film ever present in our minds. We've discussed all kinds of things from style to story and believe we are getting ever closer to creating the greatest movie ever. In the meanwhile we will continue to produce ever more entertaining short films for you, our faithful audience.

So with any luck the middle of October will see the release of two shorts films through such websites as Google Video, YouTube, MySpace and several others. Keep your eyes glued open to this blog for more news!!!

Mararita's and Red Wine make an interesting combination.
I meant to say "Margarita's and Red Wine make an interesting combination."

Stop messing with my head, Robot!
Hey, Joey Lawrence is on this seasons "Dancing With The Stars"!

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