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Friday, July 21, 2006




There seems to be some discussion in the comments from the last post about the best way to cheaply blow up a van. Now I'm not saying we won't blow up a van, but I'm not saying we will either.

The script draft some of you may have seen floating around was just a draft. The next step is for the writer (that's me) and director (Eric) to sit down, and plan out the next draft in terms of what works for both the story and the budget. Some special effects will remain, but to keep to our budget of roughly zero dollars, and working with people with very limited time, we're gonna have to scale pretty far back. The goal is to show as little as possible to make it convincing. There still will plenty of effects work for the shots we want to focus most heavily on. We just don't know which ones they are yet.

In quantum terms, we are simultaneously blowing up and not blowing up a van, each with varying probabilities attached. You'd never dream of buying a $500 scratching post as a welcome back from the box gift for Schrodinger's cat, although you can window shop just in case.

Can we at least blow up a cat?

/just lost the cat lover segment of our fans
I can blow up a balloon.
Sludgehammer, that's obvious.
Rather be obvious then oblivious
No way, dude. We are TOTALLY blowing up a van. hehe.
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