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Monday, June 05, 2006


Like Being Flashed on a New York Subway

So let me update y'all on where the film is at. I've completed a rough edit and sent it to Adam & Bruce for their thoughts. There's still some tweaking to do and then its off for a few days of sound syncing. After that I will get the completed film to Adam & Bruce for them to work their sound cleanup & musical magic.

Allow me to bring forth the Donald Rumsfeld portion of my personality. Did we bite off more than we could chew with this film? Hell no! Everyone who worked on this was amazing and has my eternal gratitude & appreciation. Were there problems? Of course! It wouldn't be a movie without problems! Will we solve them? Yes and in the process make something y'all can be proud of. An Excellent Lover is turning out to be, well, most excellent!

Oh and by mentioning D.R., I'm talking about the stating his own questions & answers thing, not the whole making-shit-up-about-easy-the-war-will-be thing. Unlike Rummy, I'd tell you the truth no matter how good or bad.

And once again, thank you Josh for bringing your minidisc recorder. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you Dave for the effects, boom mic & everything else! And thank you Neil for sound stuff & being willing to sit there all covered in that. Karen & Siva, I hope we didn't damage your house too much. Thank you. Drew, thanks for not stabbing anyone this time.

And not to give a guilt trip, but things did get a little rougher when you left Melissa. They always do. You're not allowed to leave anymore.

Keep reading this blog to find out the moment An Excellent Lover is ready for your viewing pleasure!

No problem. It was quite hard to not stab anyone, but I managed to hold back. heh.
I'm glad the casa worked well for you. Sorry if I got a little crazy about spilling goo on the floor... I get a little *more* nutty when I'm especially sleepy... if you need someplace to have the premiere party, let me know :)
So what you're saying is that there weren't a lot of unknown unknowns, but the known knowns and the known unknowns were slightly less known than we knew?
more vomit the next time.
Karen I assume you are volunteering your home for a premiere party? Hmmm...I would have volunteered Bruce's apt. but since you offer....we'll be in touch.
Hey Anonymous, why don't you make your own vomit covered, blood dripping, zombie infested movie, huh? I'll help.
who are you talking to, robot boy?
he doesn't know on account of you being anonymous.
rather be Anonymous then a platypus.
Good things come to those who wait... I can't wait to see the outcome! :-)

Thanks for an excellent experience with excellent people... it was just excellent!
Sue, your attitude is so addicting! I really loved working with you and hope we can work together again!
Anonymous I'm assuming you're Dave. The comment is directed at Dave who better make his zombie short because I know where he lives.
You have issues with tall zombies?
Anonymous I hate short zombies. They should all be destroyed.
Did you see the movie Danny DeVito did? This could be a reason for your adversion to little people.
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