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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Forever Twirling, Twirling, Twirling Towards Freedom!

So this morning I sent An Excellent Lover to Google Video and now its up to them to work their evil magic in getting it compressed for your pleasure. It should be done in a few days. Click on FLICKS and a link to the movie will magically show up sooner rather than later. Also I'll post as soon as I get it up on YouTube sometime tonight if you'd rather not wait.

Until then, keep breathing! You never know when the Air Factory workers will go on strike (those filthy communists!)

The movie looks great! It's also funny! I finally get to see the scene I "dozed off" during.
Glad you dig the movie. The google link will be up on the flicks page soon so feel free to share that with everyone you know!

In the meanwhile, here's the super secret YouTube link that you can pass along to friends & associates if you would prefer.

I prefer google just because it gives us better statistics on downloads. ;-)

With the right statistics, it is possible to conquer the world.
Good movie...and excellent Simpsons reference :)
Wait - what simpson reference?
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