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Sunday, June 04, 2006


"An Excellent Lover" Thanks and Status update

Thanks again to everyone who helped out with today's shoot. We accomplished an incredible amount today, and with everyone's cooperation, we were able to pull off a shoot that six months ago we wouldn't have thought possible. A special thanks to the new additions to our cast and crew; Josh, Sue, Janine for putting in a lot of hard work and delivering some excellent performances, and to Genivieve, Dana, and Stefanie for stepping in on such short notice with much patience and enthusiasm. We look forward to working with everyone again on future projects.

Eric has now digitized the footage and the audio, and has started putting together the rough cut of the film. The video and external sound came out perfectly. Unfortunately, the in-camera audio, which we were counting on to cut some corners in the editing process, had some technical problems and came out distorted.

Since our back-up system held, we still have all the audio we need to complete the film, but the amount of time we'll need to re-sync the sound for the final mix means a watchable version won't be available on Monday morning as planned.

What this means is that this is effectively no longer a weekend film. We're working out an updated schedule, and will keep everyone posted with the new release date. Bear with us-- I'm sure the final result will be worth it.

On a final note, here's a link to some of the production stills from the shoot. I can't guarantee they're the most flattering poses, but there's some great shots of Janine eating a sandwich and Dave grinning.

what? No vomit pics???
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