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Friday, June 09, 2006


1 = 2; The new math of a weekend film.

The pieces are falling into place. On several computers spread throughout the NY/NJ areas, the last pieces of a film are flying together across the "inarwebs". That film is "An Excellent Lover".

On Monday, June 12, that assembly will be complete -- at least complete enough for us to post a link to all cast, crew, and anybody who asks really, really nicely. Within a few days, we should have public links everywhere, as soon as we get up a high quality version on a server we don't mind bombarding with the billions of hits this film is sure to generate.

Ok, so I hear what you're saying... "But wasn't this a weekend film? Wasn't it supposed to be done last Monday?" Needless to say, our estimates included the extra week of lost time we expected as the universe was being reassembled during the week of the apocalypse, but failed to account for the fact that we're in that universe, and had to be reassembled also.

Ok, so we had technical problems.

But all is under control now. We leave you with a final thought:

And yet this picture has almost nothing to do with the 90% of the movie.


Thanks again Neil!
Yeah, but I figured I'd make SludgeHammer happy.
Have I ever mentioned that I don't understand grammer? I wish we could edit posts. Mine makes me look like a friggin' genius.
By the way, once I boiled the blanket, I was able to make a mighty fine soup.

Thanks for caring. And now a word from your sponsor....
oh by the way... if anyone is missing a blue box of powder.. it's still in our green bedroom.

Other news, holy crap... you actually kept the blanket? Ewe on sooo many levels...
I took the blanket home because Eric said he was feeling under the weather. I promised him I would make him a nice hearty pot of soup for what ailed him.

He then took the blanket home and used it as a heat pack for his back.
Mmmmm, soup blanket.
I actually have the blanket. It and my clothes cleaned up just fine. Although there were bits of black-fuzz-coated stuff in the bottom of the washing machine.

I think I must use this pic as a livejournal avatar. Cool.
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