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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


You can run, but you can't hide...

"An Excellent Lover" is EVERYWHERE!!!!
And by everywhere I mean Google Video, YouTube, our website, and MySpace.

Feel free to forward any or all of these links to anyone you know, watch often, rate up, embed, or otherwise spread the love.

And just whenever you think this whole sordid affair is behind you, it'll start cropping up all over again where you least expect it.


A Thirteenth Dimensional Hypertube

Go here to watch An Excellent Lover.

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Love us.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Forever Twirling, Twirling, Twirling Towards Freedom!

So this morning I sent An Excellent Lover to Google Video and now its up to them to work their evil magic in getting it compressed for your pleasure. It should be done in a few days. Click on FLICKS and a link to the movie will magically show up sooner rather than later. Also I'll post as soon as I get it up on YouTube sometime tonight if you'd rather not wait.

Until then, keep breathing! You never know when the Air Factory workers will go on strike (those filthy communists!)

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Edith Bunker, Rum & 2 AM

Well, that's it. I'm done with the backup audio syncing. I've done what I can with color mixing & matching to give An Excellent Lover the look it deserves -- or at least damn near close. Now I'm rendering out the tracks we need we to do final audio mixing and music syncing. That happens tomorrow at Bruce's. Oh and its 2AM, I'm watching All In The Family on TV Land & I've had probably too much rum. Once we get the movie's up for the world to enjoy, it will be time to move on to the next Words Pictures Movies project!!!

Friday, June 09, 2006


1 = 2; The new math of a weekend film.

The pieces are falling into place. On several computers spread throughout the NY/NJ areas, the last pieces of a film are flying together across the "inarwebs". That film is "An Excellent Lover".

On Monday, June 12, that assembly will be complete -- at least complete enough for us to post a link to all cast, crew, and anybody who asks really, really nicely. Within a few days, we should have public links everywhere, as soon as we get up a high quality version on a server we don't mind bombarding with the billions of hits this film is sure to generate.

Ok, so I hear what you're saying... "But wasn't this a weekend film? Wasn't it supposed to be done last Monday?" Needless to say, our estimates included the extra week of lost time we expected as the universe was being reassembled during the week of the apocalypse, but failed to account for the fact that we're in that universe, and had to be reassembled also.

Ok, so we had technical problems.

But all is under control now. We leave you with a final thought:

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Waiter, There's An Eye In My Soup

I've completed the second pass and am sending it on to Adam & Bruce. Tomorrow I hope to make the final tweaks & colour correct all the shots. On Thursday & Friday I will tackle the audio sync issue.

I can't get over how good everyone in this movie is, especially Josh, Sue & J9!!!

Already I can't wait until we tackle the next project. Does that make me insane?

Monday, June 05, 2006


Like Being Flashed on a New York Subway

So let me update y'all on where the film is at. I've completed a rough edit and sent it to Adam & Bruce for their thoughts. There's still some tweaking to do and then its off for a few days of sound syncing. After that I will get the completed film to Adam & Bruce for them to work their sound cleanup & musical magic.

Allow me to bring forth the Donald Rumsfeld portion of my personality. Did we bite off more than we could chew with this film? Hell no! Everyone who worked on this was amazing and has my eternal gratitude & appreciation. Were there problems? Of course! It wouldn't be a movie without problems! Will we solve them? Yes and in the process make something y'all can be proud of. An Excellent Lover is turning out to be, well, most excellent!

Oh and by mentioning D.R., I'm talking about the stating his own questions & answers thing, not the whole making-shit-up-about-easy-the-war-will-be thing. Unlike Rummy, I'd tell you the truth no matter how good or bad.

And once again, thank you Josh for bringing your minidisc recorder. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you Dave for the effects, boom mic & everything else! And thank you Neil for sound stuff & being willing to sit there all covered in that. Karen & Siva, I hope we didn't damage your house too much. Thank you. Drew, thanks for not stabbing anyone this time.

And not to give a guilt trip, but things did get a little rougher when you left Melissa. They always do. You're not allowed to leave anymore.

Keep reading this blog to find out the moment An Excellent Lover is ready for your viewing pleasure!

Sunday, June 04, 2006


"An Excellent Lover" Thanks and Status update

Thanks again to everyone who helped out with today's shoot. We accomplished an incredible amount today, and with everyone's cooperation, we were able to pull off a shoot that six months ago we wouldn't have thought possible. A special thanks to the new additions to our cast and crew; Josh, Sue, Janine for putting in a lot of hard work and delivering some excellent performances, and to Genivieve, Dana, and Stefanie for stepping in on such short notice with much patience and enthusiasm. We look forward to working with everyone again on future projects.

Eric has now digitized the footage and the audio, and has started putting together the rough cut of the film. The video and external sound came out perfectly. Unfortunately, the in-camera audio, which we were counting on to cut some corners in the editing process, had some technical problems and came out distorted.

Since our back-up system held, we still have all the audio we need to complete the film, but the amount of time we'll need to re-sync the sound for the final mix means a watchable version won't be available on Monday morning as planned.

What this means is that this is effectively no longer a weekend film. We're working out an updated schedule, and will keep everyone posted with the new release date. Bear with us-- I'm sure the final result will be worth it.

On a final note, here's a link to some of the production stills from the shoot. I can't guarantee they're the most flattering poses, but there's some great shots of Janine eating a sandwich and Dave grinning.


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