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Sunday, March 12, 2006


40,002 and counting

There's something kind of nerve-wracking about taking something you've poured loads of time and energy into doing in complete solitude, and paying a complete stranger to criticize it.

At any rate, that's what's going on, and it's what's going to get us closer to creating a feature film. Johnny Immortal is now (for the time being) complete. The feature-length screenplay we are NOT going to be able to do as a first time low-budget indy thing is written, and out of my hands in the hands of the all knowing contest judges. It's in the mail. One more script has been added to the pile of 40,000 scripts written each year.

And now, on to bigger and better things. Or smaller and better in this case. Today begins the next script. The one we ARE capable of producing without a huge infusion of cash (and / or major rewrites).

God help us all.


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