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Sunday, February 12, 2006


Saturday's screening

We screened "The Robbery" Saturday night at the Wicked Winter Renaisance Faire and it was fun! I wish we had had some control over the lights but the people present seemed to enjoy what we showed.

The screening was embedded within a set of songs played by the greatest band ever, A Halo Called Fred. Dave Hummel (who played Hugh) and Karen Krause (who played The Teller) were in the house and much fun was had by all.

Special thanks to Jeff Mach for letting us screen these as well as to Tom who lent us his projector and Neil Fein who so kindly ran the sound.

We also showed "Territory" as well as some videos I directed for A Halo Called Fred.

I think half the crowd like the films, the other half was confused. An excellent mix, methinks.

(The other half, in the back, couldn't see the screen because the lights were on, of course.)
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